Her-Lih Machinery Co., Ltd has the most professional processing technology and abundant experience.
Our comprehensive understanding of customers’ requirements and access to various kinds of precision processing equipment means that customers can rely on our ability to properly process their products.
● Micro-hole processing
● Precision deep-hole processing
● Gun drilling
Min. drilling diameter:3mm
Max. drilling diameter: 40mm
Max. drilling depth: 1,000mm
● BTA drilling
Min. drilling diameter: 25mm
Max. drilling diameter: 280mm
Max. drilling depth: 3,500mm
● CNC Machining
Max. processing range ψ500mm x 1,500mm
● Traditional lathe machining
Max. processing range ψ580mm x 3,500mm
● Customized mechanical part machining
● Medical device part machining
● Metallic materials trading